Page Layout.

I create beautiful pages. In a catalog, a magazine, a newsletter — it doesn't matter. My pages are a thing to behold.

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The Talent Mix.

Advertising Design, Publications, Catalogs. Newsletters, Reports. Large Format.

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Infographics: Charts, Tables, and other digestible visual pieces that help the mind connect the dots.

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Graphic Designer Tim Whelan & Firefly Print Credits

Publication Design




Event Programs & Guides

I Want Your Project.
I'll blow your mind.

I excel at building and combining multiple images with vector art and beautifully structured typography to create compelling covers and pages. I am reader-focused and can contribute in any number of ways to your publication's design & production.

Oh yeah,
it's that good.
See for yourself.

I can art direct and produce an entire magazine, newletter, catalog or brochure. As a contributor, I can perform all tasks from production design to art directing photo shoots. Page Layout, Information Graphics, Tables: all within my range.

And lastly,
this one:

I work at an expert level in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign or QuarkXpress. I have a thorough understanding of color theory, correction, gamut conversion within CMKY, LAB and hi-fidelity ranges, and I possess above-average color acuity.