July 2018

In the full swing of Summer, I look forward to the outdoor fun, the indoor fun on super-hot days, being fit & healthy, exercising, and the other inspirations of the season! I hope you are equally motivated to enjoy your Summer!

Tim Whelan, Graphic Designer, Web UX Designer & Copywriter

Kansas City Design Communications Professional

Welcome & Hello! I'm Tim Whelan, a professional graphic designer, Web UX designer & copywriter. Today, I am seeking another project or assignment opportunity to create value with my applied talents developed over a 29-year communications career. My hourly rate is reasonable and based on the distribution of our work product, and includes creative development time, design time, and production time. My work product is guaranteed to exceed all professional standards, or you pay nothing. I have excellent references. Contact me and let's get to work on your project!

Handling Big Projects is a Strength of Mine. I am currently available to work on your project. My primary account is a Los Angeles-based media firm. I will forward their full recommendation & my project portfolio to you in accordance with our Non-Disclosure Agreement. My assignments are evaluated as excellent. This is also true of my last large project assignment with another firm, for a total of 3 years of recent, referenced, 100% positive team project experience. I perform a set of creative & production roles which focus my talents and demonstrate my versatility to complete multiple assignments, continuously. I am free & sharp to do any designs I like -- this is how I thrive creatively & in business. Let's design something together!

I live, write & design in Kansas City, The Paris of The Plains. We are a burgeoning cultural Metromecca on the verge of splashing the national scene with new colors of hip. Come & see! This is my 29th year of an entrepreneurial design communications & marketing career, and I keep a fast pace, I look ahead, and I do great work.

Tim Whelan
Print Design Skill Set

I am a strong Print Graphic Designer, using Adobe InDesign for page layout, Adobe Illustrator for creating vector graphics, and Adobe PhotoShop for image manipulation. Ask me about QuarkXpress.

My core competencies as a Print Graphic Designer are selecting images, color & typography, performing cover design, page layout, image editing, and creating Infographics: tables, charts & graphs.

Print Design Skills

  • Professional Publication Designer

  • Talent at Simplifying the Complex

  • Advanced-Level Design & Production Speed

  • Multiple Psychographically-Targeted Design Styles

  • Press Experience: 4-Color Process Printing, Hi-Fidelity, Spot Color

  • Extensive Paper Expertise & Specification Experience

  • Expert Typographer

  • Advanced Color Theorist Across All Media

  • Large Format Vinyl Graphics Specialist

Computer Skills

  • Mac and PC PowerUser Since 1985
  • Expert-Level Design & Speed in the Latest Adobe Creative Suite Applications
  • Advanced Systems & Hardware Knowledge
  • Network, Telecom & Device Experience

Client Skills

  • Discovery: Mind Reader
  • Exceptional Project Manager
  • Upbeat Service Attitude & Decorum
  • Fun & Professional Demeanor

Production Skills

  • Professional File Engineering & Management
  • Fantastic at Stylistic Brand-Alignment
  • Practiced, Tasteful Color Theorist
  • Tested Pre-press Skill Set

Studio Skills

  • Great Speed & Thoroughness
  • Solid Work Habits, Organized & Methodical
  • Flexible and Collaborative
  • Crack Production Designer

I would be great on your print project because I totally know what I'm doing. I have designed more than 75 magazine issues, over 150 newsletters, and hundreds of brochures, guides, programs, and collateral pieces.

Tim Whelan
Web UX Designer Skill Set

My Web Design interest & skill set is targeted at creating front-end, brand-aligned UX Design concepts, features, and graphic resources. While I am not focused on being an HTML programmer, I have coded pages since HTML3, and I am competent with the code, including HTML5 at an advancing level. I can hand-code in a text editor, use Adobe Dreamweaver, or CMS tools like WordPress & Joomla. I have Webmastered several small sites over long periods of time.

My core competencies as a Web UX Designer are creating new grids, page layouts, and graphic assets & designed components, selecting & manipulating images, applying color & typography, creating splash & promotion page designs, page iteration, image editing, creating Infographics: tables, charts & graphs, and HTML E-mails.

Web UX Design Skills

  • Talented at Design for Small Spaces

  • Expert-Level Design & Production Speed

  • Multiple Psychographically-Targeted Design Styles

  • HTML E-Mail Design & Distribution

Web Platform Skills

  • Recent Application Development Powered by MySQL
  • Design & Programming for Twitter Bootstrap
  • WordPress, Joomla, and CMS Front-End Design
  • Expert-Level Design & Speed in the Latest Adobe Creative Suite Applications

Web Client Skills

  • Very Positive Development Team Experience
  • Reliable Project Management Breakdowns & Reporting
  • Professional Familiarity with Most Database Environments
  • Authoring of Specifications & Measuring Compliance
  • Multi-Linear Development Capability

Web Production Skills

  • Creating Vector Assets & Flash Animation
  • Fantastic at Stylistic Brand-Aligned Innovations
  • Practiced, Tasteful Color Theorist
  • Resourcing of QA Testing Suites & Processes

Web Studio Skills

  • Great Speed & Thoroughness
  • Solid Work Habits, Organized & Methodical
  • Cross-Project Capable & Collaborative
  • Crack Production Designer

I would be great on your Web project because I have advanced development workgroup collaboration skills, and I perform key functions in both creative & technical roles, and transition from task to task without extensive instruction or assistance.

Tim Whelan
Presentation Graphics Designer
Skill Set

I have experience designing environmental graphics for trade show exhibits, promotional & navigation signage, displays, windows, and large format vinyl graphics, including signs & banners. I have a special talent for lenticular animation and lenticular 3-dimensional design. I also design business presentations in PowerPoint & Keynote. I design artistic vehicle wraps for cars & trucks, and I am a face painter & body artist.

My core competencies as a Presentation Graphics Designer are a talent for simplification, applying great color & typography for effect, creating forward designs that catch the eye, and experience getting great results with lower-resolution, large format printing. For business presentations, I am an excellent storyteller and I can help you create the perfect presentation.

Presentation Graphics Design Skills

  • Talented at Artfully Filling Giant Spaces Perfectly

  • Expert-Level Design & Production Speed

  • Creating Brand-Aligned Collateral for Marketing Support

Presentation Graphics Technical Skills

  • Experienced with Large Format Paper & Vinyl Output
  • Professional Siting & Sizing Ideas
  • Advanced Substrate, Finish & Mounting Knowledge
  • Creating Pre-Production Visualization Aids

Presentation Graphics Client Skills

  • Brand-Alignment of New and One-Off Communications
  • Achieving Reliable Color & Clarity Results
  • Professional Siting Advise
  • Fully Assisting Business Presentation Authors
  • Multi-Linear Development Capability for Pop-Up, Quick-Turn Projects

Presentation Graphics Production Skills

  • Creating Vector Assets & Altering Giant Images
  • Fantastic at Stylistic Brand-Aligned Innovations
  • Practiced, Tasteful Color Theorist
  • Mounting, Mechanical & Inspection Skills

I would be great on your large format graphics project because I have an excellent mind's eye, and I can visualize a fantastic large format design on-site, then present a convincing visualization comp of our idea, and get the installation done without error or delay. I would be great on your business presentation project because I am an excellent storyteller, and I can help put your powerful presentation together with style.

Tim Whelan
Copywriting Skill Set

I am a competent creative & technical writer, creating editorial Web & print content for all marketing communications collateral, catalogs, guides, training materials, product descriptions, social media communications, and business development & promotional initiatives.

My core competencies as a professional Copywriter are my abilities to acquire information & quickly grasp subject matter, to write consistently, to maintain a voice & style across multiple articles, to tell a stylish story without using adjectives, mastery of English grammar, and the ability to structure project & boilerplate copy in consistent syntax for GREP search & replacement.

Copywriting Skills

  • Writing Video Scripts

  • Authoring of Product Descriptions

  • Creating Conceptual Selling Propositions

  • Marrying Words & Images

  • Scripting Sales Engineering Copy

  • Writing for Multiple Audiences

  • Conceiving Word Plays

  • Composing to Word & Character Limits

Creative Copywriting Skills

  • Story Outlining & Collaboration
  • Creating Memorable Word Sets, Phrases, & Unique Syntax
  • Staying Compact & Writing Powerfully
  • Flowing Energy & Interest Through Words

Copywriting Client Skills

  • Generating Imaginative Ideas Quickly
  • Interviewing: Discovery Expertise
  • Close Collaboration & Helpful Flexibility
  • Creating Complete Stories Together

Copywriting Production Skills

  • Live Web Editing & Webmastering of Iterations
  • Creating Editorial & Graphic Style Guides
  • Proofreading & Compliance With Established Styles
  • Creating Keywords & Indexes

I would be great on your Copywriting project because I easily slip into the role of the consumer, the customer, the employee, the shareholder, the student, the citizen, the fan, the parent, the expert, the reader: I am naturally probative & investigatory, and I can write the way they think -- I will get them to say yes to our message.

Design Assignments

Most of my assignments fall into one of three categories:


Graphic Design
For Print

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Web Layout &
Graphic Design

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Graphic Design
for Presentation

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